Why Sponsor us

Why Sponsor Us ?

Visibility and Brand Exposure: As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured throughout the building, including digital signage. Your logo will reach thousands of event attendees, creating lasting impressions and your enhancing brand recognition.

Targeted Marketing: By sponsoring Rimbey Ag Society , you can connect with your target audience directly. Our diverse event calendar attracts individuals and organizations from various industries and demographics, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

Networking Opportunities: Sponsorship of Rimbey Ag Society grants you access to exclusive networking events, providing valuable opportunities to engage with industry leaders, event organizers, and potential clients. Forge new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships within the vibrant Agricultural community.

Community Engagement: Demonstrating your commitment to the local community is essential for any socially responsible brand. By supporting the Ag Society , you contribute to the growth of the events industry, foster cultural enrichment, and become an integral part of Central Alberta’s social fabric.

Customized Sponsorship Packages: We understand that each sponsor has unique goals and requirements. Our dedicated sponsorship team will work closely with you to develop tailored packages that align with your brand objectives and budget, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

Rimbey Ag Society Is More Than A Venue; It Is A Catalyst For Unforgettable Events And Memorable Experiences. Join Us As A Sponsor And Be A Part Of Shaping The Future Of Our Agricultural Community While Gaining Unparalleled Exposure For Your Brand. Together, Let’s Create Unforgettable Moments And Make A Lasting Impact On Our Community.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and explore how your brand can benefit from partnering with Ag Society please contact the Rimbey Ag Society Office at 403 704 9283